Suspicious Package in Port Moody Confirmed as not a Bomb

Port Moody BCPort Moody, BC: On September 2, 2016 at 7:00pm a Port Moody resident found a suspicious looking package located at 795 Noons Creek Drive Port Moody. The package was found lying on the ground beside by a stop sign at 795 Noons Creek Drive.


SWAT 2The package was described by the complainant as a 10 inch long cylindrical shape. The package was tightly wrapped in black electrical tape with plastic protruding out of each end. Port Moody Police officers attended the scene and examined the package. The officers were not able to definitively determine the contents of the package.

Due to the circumstances the attending Officers requested the services of a RCMP K9 bomb dog. As well to ensure public safety, the attending officers set up two-block radius containment in the area.

The K9 unit attended the scene and after examining the package it was determined the best course of action was to request further assistance from the Lower Mainland Emergency Response Team Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU). LMD ERT EDU Officer’s attended the scene and analyzed the object. After EDU determined it was safe to do so they opened the package. After EDU completed their examination they confirmed the package was not a ‘pipe bomb’ or an explosive device.

The package contained drug paraphernalia. There were hypodermic needles, empty drug flaps, and an oil substance found in the package. All contents were safely and appropriately disposed of.

All the attending officers agreed that it is not common for drug users to store their drug paraphernalia in this way. The origin as to how and why this package was left at this location is still to be determined.

Port Moody Police Department