Woman Fails to Navigate Curve, Slams into Home

Winkler Police ServiceWinkler, Manitoba – Back on August 29, 2016 at approximately 1:22 a.m., officers received successive emergency calls routed through the Provincial 911 Call Centre advising of a motor vehicle that had struck a residence on Royal Crescent.


Impaired DriverUpon arrival at the scene, a female approached an officer, advising that she was the driver and the person responsible for the collision. The woman displayed strong signs of being heavily intoxicated by alcohol. She was arrested for impaired driving and taken to the police station where she produced breath samples more than twice the legal limit.

The 36 year old woman, of no fixed address, made numerous attempts to pass herself off as someone other than herself, to avoid arrest for three warrants held by another police agency. She was remanded into custody and transported to a provincial holding facility to await a court appearance on August 29th. She is charged with Drive Impaired, Drive Over .08, Personation with Intent to Avoid Arrest, Breach Undertaking Given to Peace Officer (x2) and Breach Probation (x3). As well she was charged under the Liquor Control and Gaming Act for unlawful transport of liquor.

The accident occurred when the driver failed to negotiate a curve in the roadway, causing her to leave the roadway where she struck a tree and then the house. Fortunately the tree was there to slow the vehicle enough to prevent damage to the house.

Winkler Police Service