Possible Door to Door “Lead in Water” Testing Scam Under Investigation in Brandon

BrandonBrandon, Manitoba – The Brandon Police Service and the City of Brandon Engineering Department is advising the public of a possible water testing scam that has been reported in the city.


Image239On Friday Sept 9th, a resident in the 700 block of Hill Ave had two men at his house who offered to test his water for lead content. They then offered to install a water filtration system. The men dropped tablets in a sample of the man’s water, causing the water to turn black which they said indicated the presence of lead. The caller did not purchase the system and notified the engineering department and the police service. The men were wearing golf shirts with a logo that said “Secure Homes” and were operating a Chevrolet Impala with Alberta license plates.

The police service and the engineering department would like ensure the public that these men are in NO way related to the City of Brandon’s Lead Water Services Strategy, nor is it related to any water testing being done by the Province of Manitoba’s Environmental Health Branch.

The public should be aware of the following……

  • The City of Brandon offers a lead water testing subsidy program via the Engineering Dept, but residents must attend, in person, to the A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex to pick up a water testing kit. Samples are collected by the resident themself, then brought back in to the A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex where it is sent away to an accredited lab in Winnipeg to be analyzed. People should not allow individuals into their home for the purposes of testing water. Information on our water testing subsidy program is on our website here: http://www.brandon.ca/water-treatment/lead-water-services-information.
  • The City of Brandon’s 2016 Water Filter Rebate Program is NOT being offered door-to-door. Eligible residents must apply in person via our staff at the A.R. McDiarmid Civic Complex, or online here: http://www.brandon.ca/water-treatment/water-filter-rebate-program.

The Consumer Protection Office, a division of the Manitoba Department of Justice, is aware of these subjects and advise they have also been active in Winnipeg.

If any member of the public has had contact with subjects and please contact the police service in order for that information to be recorded and shared with the Consumer Protection Office. If a member of the public has purchased a filtration system from these subjects, this may be a fraud and will be investigated as a criminal complaint.

Brandon Police Service