Distracted Driving Campaign Underway in Prince George

RCMP-1205Prince George, BC: The Prince George RCMP’s Municipal Traffic Services Section will continue to take steps to reduce the number of driving related deaths and injuries on Prince George and area roads. Our officers will be out enforcing Distracted Driving laws as part of ICBC’s Operation Hang-up Project in Prince George.


Highly visible and well placed Not while Driving signs will be placed throughout our community during the campaign. These signs will act as a reminder to drivers that using a handheld device while driving is prohibited in the Province of British Columbia. In many cases these signs will be followed by enforcement action for those that choose to ignore them.

We truly believe there are no messages or conversations that are so important that you need to endanger yourself, your loved ones or others on the road.

“It is astonishing how many people continue to use their devices while driving,” says Sgt. Matt LaBelle, in charge of the Detachment’s Municipal Traffic Services Section. “We will continue to target those people until they get the message that it is not acceptable.”

Our Citizens on Patrol volunteers will once again be assisting with our road safety initiatives. Volunteers will be out providing messaging to drivers and observing offenders throughout our community. This campaign will be in effect from now until the middle of October.

“More than 800 crashes occur every day in B.C., many of these caused by risky driving behaviours including distracted driving,” said Doug Mac Donald, local ICBC road safety coordinator. “You’re five times more likely to crash if you’re using your phone so when you’re behind the wheel, stay focused on driving.”

The Prince George RCMP want to offer some tips to drivers that have a hard time resisting their phone while driving:

Leave your phone alone. Put it away, shut it off or lock it in the trunk. No call or text is worth a life;
Pull over (when it is safe to do so) to make or receive a call. Other road users will thank you for it;
Use a hands free device. What a great feeling knowing you have both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road AND you can still check in on your kids or connect with your best friend.

For more information or tips about the distracted driving problem in BC, go to ICBC’s Distracted Driving page (Not available in French).

Since June 1st, 2016, the fines in British Columbia for Distracted Driving have more than doubled from $167 to $368 and increased from 3 penalty points to 4 penalty points resulting in a further $175 fine. The result is a $543 total fine for a first offence, $888 for a second offence and fines continue to increase for each subsequent offence.

Prince George RCMP