Woman Refuses to Provide Information Following Pedestrian Collision in Beaumont

Beaumont, AB – On September 14th, 2016 a local youth was crossing 52 Avenue at 59th street when she was struck by a car. The youth was heading to school at approximately 8:00am when she crossed the road at the curb. She was almost on the opposite curb and across the road when the vehicle struck her on its passenger front bumper. The youth was thrown a short distance and the vehicle continued through the intersection, coming to a stop across the street.


The female driver of the car got out to check on the youth but refused to provide her name or license plate number. The female driver left the area after taking the pedestrian’s name and phone number.

The car and driver are described as: a newer model dark grey Toyota sedan car with four doors. The vehicle was driven by a female in her late 30’s to early 40’s, 5’7-5’8, with dyed red shoulder length hair. Her hair has a blonde streak on the right side of her head.

If you have any information in regards to this collision, please contact the Beaumont RCMP at 780-929-7410.

Beaumont RCMP