Impersonation of Police Officer; Woman Claims Stop by “Undercover Cops”

Brandon, Manitoba – On Sunday September 18th at 10:00 pm , the police service received a complaint from a woman who stated had been stopped by what she described as “undercover cops” in 1200 block of Victoria Ave. She stated the two men asked her to get into a black Ford four door vehicle so they could question her. She didn’t believe they were police officers and ran away. A second call was received shortly after from a man who was stopped in White Swan trailer court by a similar vehicle and two men. They stated that there stopping him for speeding. The caller asked for their ID and badges and was threatened with arrest. The two men then left.


The description provided by both callers indicted the men were 35 to 40 years old, larger in stature with heavy build. The vehicle was a 4 door Ford, possibly a Taurus, black or dark blue in color. Earlier in the evening, a call was received from a motel on Braecrest Drive reporting a similar vehicle in the parking lot with no license plates. This vehicle was associated to a room at the hotel where a man had registered for the night. The above noted incidents did not involve Brandon Police Service members and it was believed at the time to be subjects impersonating police officers.

On Monday morning, officers attended to the motel to investigate these incidents further. A man believed to be related to the complaints was located in the parking lot. He was found to be on a recognizance order from Thunder Bay Ont, with a clause to reside in that city. The man, a 36 year old with no fixed address, was arrested and lodged at Brandon Correctional Center.

The investigators contacted Winnipeg Police Service and learned that there had been similar incidents in Winnipeg. A collaborative effort between the two police services determined that the subject in custody in Brandon was responsible for impersonating a police officer in Winnipeg and an arrest warrant has been issued by WPS for the man with charges relating to theft and extortion of money. He will be arrested on that warrant and turned over to Winnipeg Police on Thursday morning. No charges have been laid in the Brandon incidents at this point.

Investigators at the police service are asking that anyone in Brandon who may have been stopped or approached by these men on Sunday night to contact the police service and provide that information.

Brandon Police Service