Motorcycle Gang expansion in P.E.I. brings new challenges

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – During the summer of 2016 police across the province have noted significant changes taking place in the makeup of motorcycle groups on Prince Edward Island, particularly “1%” Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. The term “1%” or “1%-er” shows that the person or club wearing the patch or having this designation is an outlaw biker and refuses to conform to society’s rules.


Police have received credible intelligence indicating that a Hells Angel affiliated group is forming on Prince Edward Island in 2016. This information indicates that the membership of this new motorcycle club will be comprised of former members of other motorcycle clubs in P.E.I.

The Hells Angels are a 1% motorcycle club with chapters across Canada and in other countries. In Canada, they have been identified through a number of court cases as a “criminal organization”. There has been a well-documented history in Canada of drug trafficking, violence and conflict with other motorcycle clubs associated to this group. In recent years, the Hells Angels have been expanding and they opened a new chapter in Nova Scotia earlier this year.

During the same time period police have also confirmed that the Bacchus Motorcycle Club has expanded their membership, with the addition of new members and a group in the Alberton area. The Bacchus Motorcycle Club is also a 1% motorcycle club with chapters in PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Ontario. The PEI chapter was formed in 2012 in the Kings County area.

Police are seeking public assistance in identifying the membership of these 1% motorcycle clubs and any activities they may be involved in. Police are particularly interested in information concerning the formation of the new Hells Angel affiliated group. If you have information you can contact your local police agency, the Provincial Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Coordinator (Cpl. Andy Cook) or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. We want your information, not your name.

Organized crime is everyone’s problem and police are calling on the public to help combat the spread of organized crime here in Prince Edward Island.