RCMP use Backseat From Police Car to Rescue Male From Waters of the Peace River

Peace River, Alberta – On October 1st, 2016 at approximately 9:06 am members of Peace Regional RCMP Detachment were called to a male in distress in the waters of the Peace River, near downtown Peace River, Alberta.


The members on duty attended the shoreline along with other EMS and called for the male to swim to shore. Rescue boats were dispatched.

As the emergency personnel watched, the adult male was unable to maneuver himself to shore and appeared to be going under.

Two of the RCMP members on shore determined they would attempt to rescue him, while using the backseat of the police car, which is foam to float out to the male in distress. The members were able to reach the male in distress and provide him assistance and eventually get him to shore.

At the shoreline EMS FIRE took care of the male and ensured he received immediate medical attention.

RCMP File 20161305720

Peace River RCMP