Canada denounces Russian support for ongoing attacks of medical facilities in Syria

Ottawa, Ontario – The Honourable Stéphane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today issued the following statement:


“Canada denounces the atrocious and ongoing attacks targeting medical facilities in Syria, including this past weekend’s attacks on Dr. Hasan Al-Araj Hospital. These attacks perpetuate suffering and death by denying desperate Syrians access to medical care and do not help bring a solution to a crisis that has lasted far too long.

“We support the United States and the other members of the International Syria Support Group in their tireless efforts to reduce the violence in Syria.

“Russia’s actions on the ground over the past months call into question its commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria and its ability to rein in the appalling actions of the Syrian regime. Russia and the Syrian regime are failing to discriminate between terrorist targets and the civilian population. Russia’s actions come at the expense of a political, peaceful solution and at a devastating cost to human life that does little to target Daesh.

“Canada recently called in Russia’s representative to express our grave concern for the ‎Syrian regime and the role that Russian operations are playing in escalating the violence and suffering of civilians, particularly in Aleppo.

“We call on Russia to cease this course of action and to recognize the essential and constructive role it can play in the region. Canada will continue to work closely with our partners and bilaterally to hold Russia and the Syrian regime to account. The path of dangerous belligerence will not succeed.”

Global Affairs Canada