Large seizure in Montréal of 3,000 litres of precursor chemical hypophosphorous acid

Montreal, Quebec – The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced today the seizure in Montréal of 3,000 litres of hypophosphorous acid, a precursor chemical widely used to produce methamphetamine.


“The CBSA is very proud of the experience and vigilance of our border services officers and our enforcement units. This seizure shows that our officers are Canada’s first line of defence and that they are committed to the safety of our communities.” – Benoît Chiquette, Regional Director General, CBSA, Quebec Region

The importer had declared it was a cleaning product. However, after reviewing the import documentation submitted, the border services officers submitted the goods to the CBSA’s laboratory for analysis. The analysis showed that the liquid solution seized was hypophosphorous acid, which requires a specific import permit from Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substances. There were 120 25-litre containers of hypophosphorous acid seized.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)