Regina Police Report “Nothing Unusual” After Suspicious Package Investigation at Bus Depot

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Regina Police Service has concluded its investigation into a possible “suspicious package” call at the STC Bus depot this morning. A complete search of a bus and the building found nothing unusual.


This investigation began just before 10:30 a.m. on Friday, October 7, 2016, when police received a report, from an employee at STC, that a bus was returning to the depot at the corner of Saskatchewan Drive and Osler Street because of a possible suspicious package on the bus. The building was evacuated and police blocked traffic temporarily on Osler Street while investigators assessed the event for risk to public safety. A member of the Explosives Disposal Unit, who was on shift, was part of the investigation to assess and evaluate the information gathered through interviews and observations. No other businesses in the area were evacuated.

The matter was concluded just before 12:30 p.m., with officers determining that there was no package and no threat to public safety. It appears the concern came from a misinterpretation of an individual’s behavior but, upon investigation, police concluded there was no further cause for alarm.

The Regina Police Service has always encouraged members of the public to call when they observe suspicious activity. Even though this incident ended without an actual threat or criminal charges, the persons involved did the right thing by following through on their suspicions and concerns. We would rather be called for suspicious activity, even if it proves to be unfounded, than to arrive after a tragic event has occurred. We thank the citizens of Regina for their trust, cooperation and patience!

Regina Police Service