CBSA Manitoba summer 2016 enforcement highlights

Manitoba, Canada – The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is pleased to share a sample of enforcement highlights from its border crossings in southern Manitoba and Winnipeg operations from summer 2016.


In July and August, CBSA officers in Manitoba seized 11 prohibited weapons and firearms, and made 17 narcotic related seizures. Here is a sampling of seizures made this past summer:

  • In July, three firearms seizures were made at Emerson and Sprague:
    On July 5, Emerson officers seized a .38 calibre handgun from a Texas man. The gun was inside a suitcase in the man’s vehicle. The man paid a $1,000 penalty before he was returned to the United States (U.S.)
  • On July 12 at Emerson, a 9mm semi-automatic pistol loaded with two 15-round overcapacity magazines were seized from an Alabama man travelling to Alaska. The pistol was found in the traveller’s suitcase. The man paid a $1,500 penalty and was returned to U.S.
  • On July 17 at Sprague, officers seized a loaded .44 magnum revolver and a box of ammunition, and another loaded .357 revolver hidden in a truck camper. The man paid a $2000 penalty, and was released on $500 recognizance with a promise to appear in Winnipeg Provincial Court.

On July 24, South Junction officers intercepted travellers in two separate vehicles for not reporting to the CBSA upon entering Canada from the North West Angle (NWA). The travellers were each fined $1,000 for not reporting prior to entering Canada. All travellers are required to report to the CBSA by phone at the NWA.

On August 5 at Emerson, a Manitoba man initially declared a classic car he had purchased in the U.S. for $5,000, and then later told officers he paid close to $10,000 for the vehicle. The man paid a fine of almost $1,500 for making a false declaration.

On August 21 at Emerson, a female traveller was importing a horse which she claimed to have received as a gift and valued the horse at $500. Officers’ checks revealed the horse had been sold to the woman for $5,500. The woman paid a fine of more than $2,600 and was allowed to proceed into Canada with the horse.

CBSA officers in Manitoba made multiple arrests and refused entry to foreign nationals for criminality:

  • On June 27, Winnipeg International Airport officers refused entry to a U.S. male with three convictions under the Criminal Code related to sexual exploitation and interference.
  • In July and August, officers in southern Manitoba refused entry to foreign nationals for previous convictions including assault, driving under the influence, sexual assault, trafficking and possession of narcotics.
  • On September 6, Winkler officers arrested a 53-year old woman for suspected impaired driving and she was turned over to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Quick Facts

In July and August, CBSA officers in Manitoba processed 426,742 travellers in 148,955 cars, 44,903 commercial trucks, and 741 flights.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)