CBSA keeps serious criminals out of Saskatchewan in September

Saskatchewan, Canada – The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is pleased to share a sample of September highlights from its border crossings in Saskatchewan.

Part of the CBSA’s mandate in protecting Canadians is keeping inadmissible persons from entering the country. At the North Portal border crossing alone, officers refused entry to 38 foreign nationals who were inadmissible to Canada because of their criminal history. These included:

  • A Michigan man convicted of child abuse and sexual assault
  • A New Jersey man convicted of assault with intent to murder
  • A North Carolina man convicted of impaired driving and making terroristic threats

Directly south of Estevan, at the Estevan Highway crossing, officers refused entry to nine foreign nationals because of their previous trouble with the law. These included a North Dakota man convicted on 10 counts of battery, and a South Dakota man with a pending charge for manslaughter.

There were several significant contraband seizures, including the interception of a prohibited .38-calibre revolver, which had not been declared, from a commercial truck at North Portal on September 21. An Illinois man was released on a promise to appear, and is scheduled to appear in Estevan Provincial Court on December 5.

On September 3, officers at North Portal found five overcapacity magazines (holding 30 rounds each) in the trunk of a sport utility vehicle. The driver, a United States (U.S.) resident moving to Alaska, was allowed to continue into Canada without them. At the remote Northgate border crossing on September 26, officers seized two overcapacity handgun magazines (holding 17 rounds each) from a Nebraska man. They were located in a cabinet in a moving trailer, and he was also allowed to continue into Canada without them.

At the Monchy border crossing on September 18, officers seized 258 grams of suspected marijuana-infused fudge, which was in a fridge inside a van. A Michigan woman claimed ownership and was refused entry to Canada and issued a $1,100 penalty. At the Northgate border crossing, officers seized more than four grams of suspected liquid morphine from a Texas man, as he did not have a prescription for it. He was allowed to continue into Canada without it.

At Regina International Airport on September 28, officers were clearing a private aircraft when they uncovered CAN$14,000 in undeclared currency in a Louisiana man’s toiletry bag. Travellers are required to report when importing or exporting $10,000 or more, and therefore the currency was seized. Once officers determined it legitimately belonged to the traveller, the currency was returned upon payment of a $250 penalty for failing to declare.

Quick Facts

CBSA officers in Saskatchewan process an average of 64,271 travellers in 15,789 cars, 12,424 commercial trucks, and 263 flights every month (based on 2015 statistics).

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)


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