Man Breaks into Vancouver Home, Gets Naked to Make Eggs

Vancouver, BC: If the thought of someone going into your home and making off with your belongings doesn’t make you lock your doors and windows, maybe a naked man in your kitchen will.

Shortly after 8:00 on Tuesday night, a 35-year-old man walked into a home near Cambie Street and King Edward Avenue through a closed, but unlocked door. He removed his shoes and all of his clothing, took eggs out of the fridge, and began making a meal in the kitchen, damaging the stove and microwave in the process.

The resident of the home, watching TV in another room, heard the man, but thought the noise was his roommate. When he went to investigate, he found the naked man, chased him out of the house, and called police.

Responding officers were quick to find a naked suspect a few blocks away. He was arrested and charges of mischief and break-and-enter have been requested.

There have been 1,600 residential break-ins in Vancouver this year. Approximately one out of every three of those show no signs of forced entry, and happened when someone entered through an unlocked or open door or window.

This is not the first time police in Vancouver have arrested a naked man after breaking into a home to make eggs.


One man is in custody after a bizarre break-in to a home in east Vancouver prompting police to remind residents to lock their doors and windows.

At about 7:00 last night, the resident of a home in east Vancouver found a naked stranger in his kitchen, cooking eggs. When confronted, the stranger fled from the home.

Police were called, and a 30 year-old Burnaby man was arrested a short distance away.

It is believed the suspect was in the home for 20 to 25 minutes, and had even taken a shower before being discovered in the kitchen.

Charges of being unlawfully in a dwelling house have been requested.

There have been 1157 residential break-and-enters in Vancouver so far this year, and the Vancouver Police Department is hoping that homeowners stay vigilant, particularly since 400 of these break-ins show no signs of forced entry.

Warmer weather is here and more people will be spending time outdoors, and leaving windows and doors open to stay cool.

“Ensuring your doors and windows are locked is a simple deterrent,” says Constable Brian Montague. “Don’t make it easy for someone to break-in to your house.”

Vancouver Police Department


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