Officers administer Naloxone, help save life outside Surrey

Surrey, BC: Surrey RCMP advises that this morning officers helped save a life by administering Naloxone to a male who was in medical distress outside our main detachment building.

On October 21st at approximately 8:35am, Surrey RCMP became aware of an emergency situation at the front doors of the Surrey RCMP’s main detachment in the 14300 block of 57th Avenue. An officer arriving for his shift was alerted by a driver that his passenger had overdosed and needed immediate help.

Officers and staff within the detachment became aware of the situation and quickly grabbed an available Naloxone nasal spray kit and rendered assistance to the man. Officers observed the man leaning back towards the driver’s seat of the truck, unconscious, and with obvious signs of an opiate overdose. The driver had advised that the man had taken heroin, and with this confirmation and the observed indicators, officers administered one canister of Naloxone. The man was removed from the vehicle as it appeared that his breathing was very shallow, and he did not have any signs of improvement. A second canister of Naloxone was administered as officers prepared to take further life saving measures in the form of CPR. Within seconds, however, the male began to respond to the Naloxone. The detachment cell nurse attended to provide secondary care until the arrival of Surrey Fire Services and Emergency Health Services. The male was eventually transported by ambulance to local hospital to receive further medical attention.

This incident serves as another example of how important it is that all first-responders are properly equipped with life-saving equipment during the current opioid crisis, says Surrey RCMP Sergeant Alanna Dunlop. It is only fitting that the officer who administered the Naloxone is the detachment’s drug subject matter expert and championed the effort to have all RCMP officers equipped with Naloxone.

Surrey RCMP notes that many of our officers are out every day in the community equipped with Naloxone to potentially help save the lives of those suffering in similar situations. This is the second incident of the Naloxone being used by Surrey RCMP officers in the last two weeks.

File # 2016-151904

Surrey RCMP


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