Officers Able to Assist Distressed Woman from Rooftop

Kingston, Ontario – A 21-year old local woman in medical distress was close to jumping from a west-end business rooftop before Kingston Police uniform patrol officers were able to intervene.

At approximately 8:00 p.m. on October 16, 2016, officers were dispatched to a business located on Midpark Drive where the woman was located on top of the one-story roof, which is close to 20 feet in height. The woman made indications she was going to jump to the one officer who stayed on the ground to talk to her while two other officers were gaining access to the roof.

At one point, when the woman continued to approach the edge of the roof, she stumbled and fell backwards. The two officers on the roof took advantage of this opportunity, ran to the woman’s location and restrained her. The woman continued to struggle and one officer received minor injuries to his shoulder. Due to the lack of cooperation and the woman being handcuffed she could not be safely escorted off the rooftop, so Kingston Fire and Rescue assisted by attending with one of their ladder trucks. Frontenac Paramedic Services were also called in case of any injury.

The woman was safely removed from the rooftop and she was apprehended under the Mental Health Act. She was transported to a local hospital for treatment and assessment.

For those living with mental illness please do not hesitate to reach out to some of the valuable support services and resources in the Kingston area:

Addiction & Mental Health Services – KFLA
MDA YAK | Kingston Youth Mood Disorder Peer Support Group
Kingston Community Health Centre
KFLA Public Health
Peer Support South East Ontario
2-1-1 Ontario | Community Resources
K3C Community Counselling Centres

Kingston Police Service


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