Theft, Fraud, Dangerous Driving, Fail to Stop for Police; Arrest Ends Crime Spree

Logan Lake, Merritt, Ashcroft, BC – Two people have been arrested following an alleged crime spree that involved RCMP in jurisdictions across the Southeast of British Columbia.

Just before 8 AM on Friday November 18th, RCMP in Merritt were called to a local gas station after a male and female had allegedly attempted to purchase items, using a stolen credit card. The male and female had departed in an Audi without the items they were attempting to buy, and before police could arrive.

At 11 AM, RCMP in Logan Lake were called to a similar incident that had occurred about 9 AM, where once again, a male and female were attempting to pay for items, using a stolen credit card. The couple departed in a late model Audi with almost $200 in unpaid goods and gas.

At approximately 6:30 PM the same evening, the Audi seen departing the gas station earlier in the day, was spotted by Logan Lake RCMP on Highway 5. When police attempted to stop the vehicle, it allegedly sped away, reaching speeds of over 200 km/hr as it approached Hope.

The following day, just before 3PM, an RCMP officer in Merritt spotted the vehicle and attempted to stop it on Highway 8, near Highway 97. Once again the vehicle failed to stop and fled through Merritt toward Kamloops.

The Audi was located on Highway 97D travelling toward Logan Lake and followed by police after leaving a gas station onto highway 97, where once again attempts were made to stop it, prior to entering Ashcroft. Those attempts failed.

At approximately 5:15 on November 19th, a Police Dog Service Officer spotted the Audi leaving Ashcroft and from a distance, followed it back to Logan Lake. Prior to conducting one final traffic stop, local detachments worked co-operatively to contain the Audi and to mitigate the risk to the public. Once in position to do so, the officer conducted a vehicle stop which resulted in the arrest of a 29 year old female, and a 28 year old male, both of Chilliwack. The female has been release from custody, and is expected to appear in Court in March of 2017, while the male remains in custody and is to appear in court later today. Both will face a variety of traffic and criminal offences.

Chief Superintendent Brad Haugli, Southeast RCMP District Commander states, “This file, spanned detachments from Hope to Logan Lake, over a two day period and ended with the arrest of the two individuals responsible. It really illustrates how very connected the entire Southeast District RCMP are.”

RCMP File # 2016-718

Southeast RCMP District


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