Driver now has 15 tickets instead of 1 after failing to stop for police

Delta, BC: The tickets and points for a young driver quickly totalled up after police determined he failed to stop for police twice in a few days’ time. And then police seized his Lexus.

On November 17, 2016 officers from RCMP Deas Island Traffic Services were on foot doing stationary traffic enforcement on foot on the ramp leading to the north bound Alex Fraser Bridge in the City of Delta. Police officers attempted to stop a dark coloured Lexus for a possible mechanical violation. The driver appeared initially to be stopping and then fled from police in a highly dangerous manner. The officers, having obtained the vehicle licence plate, did not pursue the vehicle in the interest of public safety.

Upon preparing the police report, officers noticed that a vehicle similar in description, but with a different licence plate had also fled from police at the same location only a few days earlier. Investigation showed that both licence plates came back to the same vehicle identification number and registered owner. After the first incident, the owner of the motor vehicle had applied to ICBC and obtained new licence plates for the vehicle. Investigation also was able to confirm that the driver was in fact the registered owner, a 20-year-old male from the City of Delta.

“On both occasions police officers did not chase this individual. We didn’t want to put the public at risk, so we exercised discretion,” explains Sergeant Lorne Lecker, of Deas Island Traffic Services. “But that didn’t mean he got away – we have other ways to ensure these type of drivers will face consequences.”

The day after the second incident of fleeing from police, Deas Island Traffic Services police officers attended the residence of the owner and impounded the motor vehicle. The owner was issued 11 tickets as the driver for the second incident of fleeing from police. The total face value of the issued tickets was $1,689.00 plus associated points. Four additional tickets, worth $754, were also issued as a result of the original failing to stop incident. As failing to stop for police and fleeing from a police vehicle falls into the category of “street racing” the driver was also issued an immediate fifteen day drivers licence suspension and had his driver’s licence seized. A report was forwarded to RoadSafetyBC to consider a further driving prohibition.

“The driver, who had a valid driver’s licence and insurance, would have been issued a $109 ticket had he stopped as required when directed by the officer,” points out Sgt. Lecker.

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