Carbon Monoxide poisoning from Generator

Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island – Kings District RCMP attended a medical distress call in Murray Harbour along with Murray Harbour Fire Services and Island EMS at approximately 1:00 pm on November 28, 2016.

The home owners had a generator installed on the property that was being used as a result of the power outages in Kings County. The generator developed an issue with the exhaust ventilation which had been venting the exhaust outside the residence. This resulted in the medical distress call of some of the occupants. All occupants were treated on scene and some were transported to hospital for further treatment/observation.

The RCMP and Fire Services PEI wish to remind residents, especially with the present power outages on PEI, to be extremely vigilant using gas or propane generators and highly recommend the use of a carbon monoxide detector. The results can be fatal if these generators are not used properly. Even when installed properly there can be issues develop with obstructions of exhaust systems. Always ensure there is proper ventilation when using any gas or propane operated appliance / heater. Also ensure your carbon monoxide detector is installed as per the directions of the manufacturer and is working properly.

Kings District RCMP


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