Multi-Jurisdictional Investigation Results in Major Fentanyl Seizure in B.C.

Victoria, BC – VicPD is recommending multiple drug trafficking charges against Duc Khoung Pham, a 27-year-old Montreal man, after a multi-agency investigation resulted in over a million dollars of drugs seized.

VicPD began working on this investigation in mid-October when we were alerted by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) that a large shipment of fentanyl was destined to an address in Victoria from China. CBSA officers were able to intercept this package and in total, CBSA was able to seize 1.45 kilograms of fentanyl, which has an estimated value of $400,000.

Considering a lethal dose of fentanyl could be as little as 2 milligrams, there was enough fentanyl in this shipment to cause 725,000 possible overdoses. That’s more than twice the population of the entire Capital Regional District.

The VicPD Strike Force unit conducted an investigation that led them to a residence in Victoria and then subsequently to a residence in Saanich.

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At the residence in Saanich, VicPD’s Strike Force officers, in cooperation with the Saanich Police Department, were able to successfully seize a large quantity of drugs that was being prepared for distribution. In total, this seizure included 6,052 individual doses of a heroin/fentanyl mixture, 6.2 kilograms of cocaine both in powder and crack form, and 1.2 kilograms of methamphetamine. VicPD drug experts estimate the street value of these drugs to be $850,000. $8,425 in cash was also seized.

Police File #: 16-46595

Victoria Police Department


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