Medicine Hat Police Welcome PSD Astor

Medicine Hat, Alberta – The Medicine Hat Police Service is proud to introduce our newest Police Service Dog Astor, who is a 19 month old male German Shepherd, born and raised in the Czech Republic. Astor was selected by the MHPS K9 Unit trainers from a group of approximately 70 dogs from a kennel near Los Angeles, California and shows great potential for police dog training.

Like all police service dogs, Astor displays great instincts when it comes to his nose work and has a very high drive to search for his toy. Astor and his handler, Cst. Jason Ross, will begin their basic training in March 2017, where Astor will be trained to safely and effectively search for fleeing suspects, crime scene evidence and various types of street drugs.

Cst. Ross is a veteran of the K9 Unit having served as a dog handler from 2004 to 2011. Because Cst. Ross is an experienced dog handler their training is expected to last 6 weeks as opposed to the usual 16 weeks that we would normal require to train the dog and handler.

Welcome to Medicine Hat Astor!

Medicine Hat Police Service


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