Man Charged After Attacking Two Dogs With a Weapon – UPDATED

Wood Buffalo RCMP: Police have charged Brian Boucher, a 36 year old man from Fort McKay.  Unfortunately, police have received reports that multiple individuals with social media accounts under the name “Brian Boucher” have received threats online.  Any reports that police receive involving threats or harassment will be investigated and could result in Criminal Code charges.  It is never appropriate to send threatening or bullying messages to anyone.

Fort McKay, Alberta – On February 19th, 2017, Wood Buffalo RCMP charged a man after he attacked two dogs with a weapon.

Police responded to a Fort McKay address at 9:00 am, after receiving a report a of a man attacking his neighbours two dogs with a weapon. The dogs had been chained to the front porch of the owners residence at the time, and would have had no way to escape the brutal attack. One of the dogs sustained injuries that did not require urgent medical attention. The other dog, an eight month old, required surgery.

The owner was unable to continue caring for the dog with the most serious injuries, and transferred ownership of the dog over to one of the responding officers, who wanted to ensure that the dog was cared for. The officer took the dog to the veterinarian for treatment, and the dog was found to have multiple skull fractures, and needed to have one of his eyes removed. Once the dog, “Carl,” is fit to be released from the veterinarian, he will go home with the officer.

Brian BOUCHER was arrested and charged shortly after police responded to the call. Boucher was charged with the following Criminal Code Offences:

  • Injuring an animal (x2)
  • Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Boucher’s first appearance is March 3rd, 2017, in Fort McMurray Provincial Court.

Wood Buffalo RCMP


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