Edmonton and area police recover senior’s stolen property

Edmonton, Alberta – Edwin Radke lives in a care facility and still owns a home in Barrhead. Edwin got ill and was unable to check on his home for a short time, so he had no idea someone had broken into his home and stolen a large amount of property, including his deceased wife’s wedding ring and keepsakes.

On March 3, EPS received reports of a possible stolen utility trailer that had been left on the grass in a community in Northeast Division. When members arrived, a truck with property strapped down was parked beside the trailer. Investigations revealed that the truck was also stolen and was suspected to have weapons inside. A request for more members and two tow trucks was made and both the truck and trailer were removed from the property.

After further investigations into the recovered property, most of it was suspected to belong to Edwin Radke. It was confirmed when the Barrhead RCMP checked Edwin’s home and found his house and shop were recently broken into.


EPS and RCMP members worked together to transport Edwin’s items back to his home in Barrhead and reunite him with his wife’s keepsakes.

“We really wanted to help this man who had no idea his possessions, especially the items belonging to his wife, were even stolen,” Constable Duane Bateman expressed. “Edwin had no way to get to Edmonton to pick-up everything we recovered, so we thought we should step in.”


A lot of collaboration went into this investigation. We’d like to thank those who reported the suspicious trailer and the RCMP in Stony Plain and Barrhead for assisting with this file.

Edmonton Police Service


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