Alberta RCMP and EPS team up to take criminals and drugs off our roads

Edmonton, Alberta – Members of Alberta RCMP’s Roving Traffic Unit (RTU) and Edmonton Police Service’s Specialized Traffic Apprehension Unit (STAU) teamed up to conduct a High Volume Vehicle Stop project in the Lake Louise area from April 2 to April 7, 2017.

The weeklong project was successful, with numerous contraband seizures, charges laid and warrants executed. A number of drugs were seized, including approximately 20 pound of cannabis marihuana, 5 pounds of cannabis resin (shatter), and 178 pounds of phenacetin–a drug often used as a cutting agent in powder cocaine–destined for Edmonton. Officers also recovered over $24,000 in currency.

This is the first time that a collaboration with the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has been conducted on one of these initiatives. “The collaboration between the RCMP and EPS provided members of both agencies an excellent opportunity to partner together and work towards the common goal of improving public safety,” said Corporal Kyle Maetche, Team Leader of the RTU South Team.

The Edmonton Police Service’s Specialized Traffic Apprehension Unit was created to improve community safety by suppressing violence through traffic enforcement based interdiction activities. “It was no surprise that this joint forces operation was a success. The RCMP’s RTU runs a very efficient operation,” said Constable Keith Marshall with the EPS Specialized Traffic Apprehension Unit. “The collaboration between our two agencies was seamless, and our teams worked very well together, yielding good results. We plan on additional collaboration in the months to come.”

The Roving Traffic Unit is a team within Alberta RCMP’s Traffic Services whose primary goals are to improve public safety on Alberta roadways and to identify and intercept criminal activity and contraband on our roads. The RTU regularly takes part in High Volume Vehicle Stop projects along major highways across the province where it is likely to encounter large volumes of traffic. These locations are varied throughout the year.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police


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