Leduc RCMP warn of rise in vehicle thefts

Leduc, Alberta – The Leduc RCMP have been investigating a rise in vehicle thefts in the first four months of 2017 compared to the same time period in 2016. Stolen vehicles are often used to commit various crimes. The RCMP are offering some tips to vehicle owners in an effort to staunch this type of illegal activity.

  • Thieves are often driving around residential neighbourhoods and parking lots looking for running vehicles. Don’t leave your vehicle idling or unlocked.
  • When parked, always lock your vehicles and don’t leave spare keys inside the vehicle
  • If possible, park your vehicle out of sight, in a garage.
  • Check into theft prevention tools such as a vehicle alarm, vehicle immobilization devices and equip your vehicles with those
  • Don’t leave any items in your vehicle which would be attractive to thieves; keep your valuables out of sight
  • Continue to be diligent in reporting all suspicious activity you see to the Leduc RCMP

“The main message we want to get out to the public is to not make your vehicle an easy target; many vehicle thefts are preventable” says Staff Sergeant Chad Orr of the Leduc RCMP. “We encourage citizens of Leduc to continue to do their part in being alert to suspicious activity and reporting it to us.”

The Leduc RCMP will be releasing more information in the near future on which type of stolen vehicles and how they are being stolen.

Leduc RCMP

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