Alberta woman held captive in South Carolina

Alberta, Canada – On May 24, 2017 RCMP were contacted by the parents of a young woman who were concerned that their daughter was being held in captivity by a man in the United States.

The victim had engaged in conversation with the accused on social media and eventually agreed to fly to Atlanta, Georgia on May 18th where she met the accused and then traveled to South Carolina where she was then held against her will. On May 24th, the victim had a phone conversation with her family which RCMP investigators were present for. RCMP shared the victim’s cell phone information and other clues that she had passed on with the police of jurisdiction, Pickens County Sheriff’s in South Carolina. That information led to the Pickens County Sheriffs locating and rescuing the victim later the same day. The suspect, 38-year-old Fred Urey was arrested at the residence where the victim had been held.

The RCMP are grateful for the assistance and cooperation of our law enforcement colleagues in South Carolina. Our Victim Services unit will continue to offer support to the victim and her family as they recover physically and emotionally.

In order to help the victim recover, no further information about the victim or her family will be provided by the RCMP. While we recognize that there is great interest in an international story such as this, it is still a very personal matter and the privacy of the victim should be respected.



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