Email Scams Using the CBSA Credentials

Canada – The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) recently received a report of an email being sent to Canadians, claiming to be from CBSA, requesting payment for a speeding fine. In the email, you are asked to click on a link to download your invoice. This email is an attempt to extort money from you by using fake CBSA credentials.

The CBSA will never send invoices and request payments through emails. Emails originating from free email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail or Gmail, or telephone calls for the purpose of collecting payment, are also strong indicators of a scam.

cbsa-badgeThe CBSA reminds Canadians they can help fight this type of fraud and protect themselves by knowing the signs of fraud and taking action.

  • Recognize the signs of a scam and immediately report any suspected fraudulent activity to authorities.
  • Be aware of a request that claims to be legal or have government approval – many scammers will tell you this. If you have provided personal details, you could have your identity stolen.
  • In general, scammers make their money by persuading you to pay fees or taxes or call their premium rate phone numbers (for which prices higher than normal are charged to you). These premium rate calls can be very expensive, and the scammers will try to keep you on the line for a long time or ask you to call a different premium rate number.

If you recognize these signs, the request is a scam and should be reported immediately to authorities.

Canada Border Services Agency


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