Moose Jaw Calls For Service Ending @ 7AM on June 18, 2017

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan – 0937 hours -1500 blk 9th Ave NW – Vehicle Seizure – Vehicle was impounded for 30 days as a result of it being operated by suspended/impoundable driver.

1213 hours – 800 blk High St W – Vehicle Seizure – Another vehicle was impounded for 30 days due to being driven by a suspended/impoundable driver. The driver also received two tickets: one for drive while suspended and one for drive unregistered vehicle.

1344 hours – 10th Ave NW At Grace St – Collision – two-vehicle collision, one vehicle towed from the scene, approximately $8000 damage. One driver was charged for driving without a license and for proceeding from yield sign before safe. There were no injuries.

1406 hours – 1700 blk Main St N – Collision – two vehicle collision, one vehicle towed, and one driver charged for failing to yield on a left turn. There were no injuries and damage is estimated at $10,000.

1411 hours – 800 blk Coteau St W – Hit & Run – Complainant’s vehicle was struck by a vehicle that left the scene without providing information to the owner. Suspect vehicle is a white four-door car. File remains under investigation.

1556 hours – 0 blk Calypso Dr – Dispute – Landlord/tenant situation was mediated.

1612 hours – 0 blk Manitoba St W – Impaired driving – Subject was charged with driving over .08 and impaired driving and the vehicle was impounded after police received a call of a possible impaired driver. Accused was also charged with possession of marijuana.

1750 hours – High St W at 9th Ave NW – Erratic Driver – Report received of a vehicle weaving back and forth in traffic. File is under investigation to speak with the owner of the vehicle.

1754 hours – 1200 blk Main St N – Mischief – Complainant’s vehicle had back window smashed out sometime overnight. Damage is estimated at approximately $1000.

1813 hours – 0 blk MacDonald St – Bike theft – A blue and white specialized bike was stolen from a parking lot. File remains under investigation.

2013 hours – Wood Lily Dr at Jasmine Ct – Collision – Vehicle hit a man-hole cover that had cover partially raised. Vehicle had to be towed from the scene.

2035 hours – Wolfe Ave at Oxford St E – Driving prohibited – Report was received of someone driving without a license. File is under investigation to contact the suspect.

2014 hours – 1600 blk 11th Ave NW – Assistance to sick person – Subject was transported to hospital by EMS.

2146 hours – 1600 blk Coteau St W – Impaired driving – EMS requested assistance with a person slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle. Driver was intoxicated and was charged with driving over .08 and impaired driving. Vehicle was seized for 60-day impound.

2229 hours – 0 blk Fairford St W – Dispute – One half of dispute attended police station. Both parties spoken to; situation mediated.

2351 hours – 1000 blk Willow Ave – Noisy Party – Resident of home was warned under the bylaw.

0157 hours – 300 blk MacDonald St – Intoxicated person – Subject was reported laying on the ground. Transported to police cells and held until sober. Also charged with breach of court ordered conditions.

0211 hours – 0 blk Manitoba St W – Disturbance – Report of a fight in a local business. Participants were dispersed. No further action required.

0232 hours – 0 blk Manitoba St E – Intoxicated person – Transported to cells and held until sober.

0403 hours – 1100 blk Main St N – Intoxicated person – Transported to a sober friend’s home to be cared for.

0425 hours – 1300 blk Connaught – Suspicious Person – Resident called regarding a person at their door wanting in to escape from a person with a knife. Further investigation revealed the subject was being dishonest. There was no knife and no threats. That person was warned for behaviour.

0538 hours – 1300 blk 11th Ave SW – Intoxicated person – Subject was brought to police cells and held until sober.

911 Calls – 6

Alarm Calls – 4

Moose Jaw Police Service

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