Moose Jaw Calls For Service Ending @ 7AM on June 19, 2017

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan – 0944hrs – 0 blk Fairford St W – Assist RCMP – RCMP required a breath technician for their Impaired Driving investigation.

1253hrs – 1300 blk Vaughan St – Wellbeing check – check on 3 young children who appeared to be unsupervised. Children fine and adult present.

1259hrs – 600 blk Main St S – Noise Bylaw – Adult blaring music was warned of the bylaw. At 1536hrs Police were called to re-attend for the same issue. Adult was ticketed as per the noise bylaw.

1402hrs – 1600 blk Main St N – Prohibited Driving – Adult found driving while suspended by SGI. Subject was charged criminally for the offence and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days on behalf of SGI.

1622hrs – 100 blk High St W – Wellbeing check – Adult not seen or heard from in days. Home address checked and subject came to the door and is well.

1700hrs – 0 blk Diefenbaker Dr – Assist Regina PS – Assistance in a sexual assault file given and forwarded information to Regina Police.

1838hrs – 100 blk Wood Lily Dr – Dispute – Youth bothering acquaintances with unwanted contact. Youth warned.

1859hrs – 200 blk Hochelaga St W – Assist Sick Person – Adult upset, went for a walk and got lost. Taken home.

1942hrs – 1200 blk Grandview St W – Noise Bylaw – Adult with blaring music was warned of the bylaw.

2050hrs – 1200 blk Vaughan St – Theft – Unfounded, neighbors were feeding the owner’s cat, not trying to steal the cat.

2107hrs – 900 blk Manitoba Expressway – Wellbeing check – group of youth doing cartwheels in the highway. Youth sent home.

2150hrs – 600 blk Main St N – Noise Bylaw – Noisy vehicles on Main St. The owner will be spoken to. The public is reminded that there are regulations on proper mufflers.

2207hrs – 1300 blk 13th Av SW – Assist to Locate – At risk youth refusing to return to care home. Youth located in a safe home with adult supervision. Social Services advised.

2304hrs – 1000 blk Caribou St W – Noise Bylaw – Small party with a bonfire. Home owner warned.

0025hrs – 1100 blk Athabasca St E – Noise Bylaw – Music at an outdoor party too loud. Home owner warned.

0041hrs – 400 blk Fairford St E – Drug Trafficking – Adult fled on foot after being found with drugs. Subject located and charged with trafficking in Cocaine and Crystal Methamphetamine as well as resist arrest and breach court order. Held for Court.

0044hrs – 400 blk Moose Square – Break and Enter – Unfounded, adult located in residence under construction. Subject was intoxicated with no supervision. Held in cells for public intoxication.

0322hrs – 400 blk Stadacona St E – Assist Elderly Person – Disabled adult fell out of bed, not injured, just needed assistance getting back into bed. Assistance given.

911 Calls – 5
Alarm Calls – 3
Warrants – 1

Moose Jaw Police Service

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