Twenty-four drivers ticketed for intersection infractions in Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview

Moncton, New Brunswick – Codiac Regional RCMP issued 24 tickets and 27 written warnings last week for motor vehicle infractions at intersections in Greater Moncton.

Police monitored intersections in Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview on Friday, June 16 in response to public complaints of drivers blocking intersections, not yielding the right of way to pedestrians and failing to obey traffic signals.

RCMP issued tickets to 24 drivers, with the most common violation being failing to come to a complete stop at a red light before making a right-hand turn. Another 18 motorists received written warnings for infractions such as failing to remove studded tires, expired vehicle inspections and not using a seatbelt or wearing it improperly.

Nine pedestrians received written warnings for crossing an intersection on a “do not cross” signal.

“Traffic signals are at intersections for the safety of motorists and pedestrians and both must obey the lights,” says Staff Sergeant Eric Larose of the Codiac Regional RCMP. “The vast majority of drivers and pedestrians were obeying the law. Those not following the rules of the road were putting themselves and others at risk of a serious or fatal collision.”

Moncton Intersection (Photo by RCMP)
Moncton Intersection (Photo by RCMP)

An infraction under the New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Act carries a fine of $172.50 and the loss of three points.

Codiac RCMP will continue to closely monitor the intersections for the rest of the month.

Codiac Regional RCMP

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