Penticton RCMP week in review 2017-06-20

Penticton, BC – The following incidents occurred over the past week in Penticton:


2017-8531 At 1020 am, Police received a report of the theft of a purse from the locked trunk of a vehicle at the Penticton Community Center parking lot. The car window was left ajar and the trunk access button may have been reached.

2017-8538 At 110 am, Police received a report of a stolen Honda EU-2000 generator. It was left by a work crew at the side of Highway 97 while moving vehicles near Red Wing Estates. A red car was observed stopping and taking the generator before continuing to travel north toward Summerland. The serial number is EACT1229224.

2017-8553 At 250 pm, Police received a call that a motorcycle, which had been stolen the previous day, was parked at a business on Skaha Lake Road. The bike departed with a male driver before police arrived. Later that day, a male was arrested for breaching his curfew, and the motorcycle was recovered nearby. The initial caller had photographed the suspect on the motorcycle and this was believed to be the same person. A 33 year old male resident of Penticton was held for court on charges of Theft of Motor Vehicle, Failing to Stop for Police and Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

2017-8556 At 315 pm, Police responded to an accident at the intersection of the Channel Parkway and Green Avenue. The driver of a black Mazda turned in front of a northbound motorcycle causing the driver of the motorcycle to attempt to avoid a collision. There was damage to both vehicles and the motorcycle driver was transported to the hospital. The driver of the Mazda was charged for making an unsafe turn and the driver of the motorcycle was charged for not having the proper licensing.


2017-8590 At 715 am, Police received a report of a stolen 2015 Honda Civic. Video surveillance showed that it was stolen at 430 am by a male suspect. The vehicle was recovered the next day and the matter remains under investigation.


2017-8651 At 150 am, Penticton RCMP received a call from a resident of Acacia Crescent reporting that they had witnessed a male enter their truck and then use the garage door opener to enter the garage. The suspect was gone upon Police arrival and nothing was reported missing other than the garage door opener, which was disconnected.

2017-8676 At 1205 pm, Penticton RCMP attempted to stop a male pushing a motorcycle along Government Street. The male got on the motorcycle and fled. He was located a short time later walking on King Street and the motorcycle was located nearby. This same male was arrested on June 6th in Summerland for possession of stolen property for the same motorcycle. The motorcycle was then stolen from the tow yard before being recovered again. A 37 year old male was held for court on charges of possession of stolen property, driving while prohibited and failing to comply with a recognizance.


2017-8753 Police were flagged down by a group in a vehicle that reported one of their passengers had been assaulted a half an hour prior. The 17 year old male was walking along the KVR trail by Jermyn Avenue when he was assaulted by 4 to 5 people. The young man was cooperative with Police but did not get a description of the assailants, as his head was down while looking at his cell phone. He was transported to the hospital with facial injuries. The incident appears to be a random attack that was unprovoked and nothing was taken from the victim. This matter remains under investigation.


2017-8771 At 310 am, Police responded to an assault on Main Street by White Avenue, where three 18 year olds had been bear sprayed by a 15 year old that was known to them. This matter is under investigation.


2017-8850 At 2pm, a white 1993 Mercury Villager Van with British Columbia License plate 300 XWV was stolen from Martin Street. A 38 year old male was located in the area with items from the van but the vehicle has not been recovered. This matter remains under investigation.


2017-8890 At 945 am, Penticton RCMP received a report of a break and enter to the fenced compound at Fountain Tire on Dawson Avenue. A set of four used tires on chrome wheels were reported missing.

2017-8947 At 950 pm, Police responded to a motor vehicle accident at Government Street and Municipal Avenue where a 2006 Audi had struck a fence. The male driver was in medical distress and taken to the hospital. The male recovered and was found to be under the influence of drugs. He was issued a 24 hour driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded.

File # 2017-8531

Penticton RCMP

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