Taser Deployed in Regina, Male Taken into Custody

Regina, Saskatchewan – A Regina Police Service member discharged a CEW, commonly known as a Taser, in the apprehension and arrest of a 41 year-old male on Thursday June 29th 2017. This advisory is in keeping with the Regina Police Service’s commitment to notify the public each time a CEW, or Conducted Energy Weapon, is discharged against a person.

On Thursday, June 29, 2017, at approximately 7:25pm, police were dispatched to a business located on the 1700 Victoria Ave. Information was a male with a knife had entered the business and barricaded himself in a back office. Several police members were dispatched and quickly established the male was alone in the office. Negotiations began with the goal of having the suspect surrender peacefully. Negotiations did not go well as the male was acting irrationally and members were concerned as they suspected he was either intoxicated by drugs or having a mental health crisis.

An opportunity to deploy the CEW was presented and it was discharged with the desired effect. The male was safely taken into custody without injury. The suspect was transported to the Regina General Hospital and was admitted for an assessment.

The use of the CEW has been documented as per policy and will be reviewed by a Use of Force Committee, a committee within the Service. All uses of force are also reported to the Saskatchewan Police Commission.

Regina Police Service


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