Accidental Bearspray contamination results in Edmonton International Airport terminal evacuation

Leduc, Alberta – An apparent accident led to the four people being exposed to bearspray and an area of Edmonton International Airport being evacuated earlier this evening.

At approximately 8:30 pm, Edmonton Airport RCMP were called to a waiting area in the airport for reports of a contaminant in the air. Investigators responded and located a man coming out of a washroom who was suffering the effects of having been exposed to bearspray. After interviewing the man and reviewing security footage, the investigators have determined that the man found a can of bearspray in a liquids disposal receptacle at the check in area. The man, unaware of what the can was, sat in a waiting area and inadvertently released some of the spray onto himself and into the air. The man then went to a washroom to decontaminate himself and was quickly found by officers.

One child and 3 adults were treated for exposure to the bearspray in addition to the individual that had sprayed himself. Due to the bearspray contaminating the air, a portion of the airport was evacuated, causing some disruption to airport operations.

At this time, investigators do not believe this was a criminal act and charges are not anticipated.

Edmonton Airport RCMP


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