Lower Sackville man charged twice in six weeks for drug-impaired driving

Halifax, Nova Scotia – A Lower Sackville man has been charged twice in six weeks for driving while impaired by drugs.

The first incident occurred June 8, when Halifax District RCMP was called to the scene of a collision on Skyridge Ln. in Lower Sackville. A male driver had collided with a parked vehicle and then backed into a light pole. Police arrested 26-year-old Nicholas Forrest of Lower Sackville, and, following an evaluation by a Drug Recognition Expert, he was charged with drug-impaired driving.

Approximately six weeks later, during the early morning hours of July 23, Halifax Regional Police officers noticed a passing vehicle honk its horn and swerve into a “No Parking” zone at the corner of Argyle and Blowers Streets in Halifax. The driver then opened his door and yelled at a group of women, inviting them into his vehicle. Police arrested Forrest, and, following an evaluation by a Drug Recognition Expert, he was charged again with drug-impaired driving.

As a result of his most recent charge, Forrest has been remanded into custody and is scheduled to appear in Halifax Provincial Court on July 27 at 9:30 a.m.

Nova Scotia RCMP and Halifax Regional Police would like to remind drivers that alcohol is not the only substance that can cause impairment. Driving while impaired by any substance can result in charges, and this can include medicinal or prescription drugs. If you see a driver who is driving erratically or unsafely, or if you suspect for any reason that a driver is impaired, call 911 immediately.

Nova Scotia RCMP

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