Winkler Police Report from July 24 – July 30

Winkler, Manitoba – During this week our police service opened 62 files. The following is a cross-section of what transpired.

July 24 – Shortly before 9:00am, police received a report of a male sitting in a vehicle parked at a local bank. The caller stated the driver and vehicle are often parked on the parking lot and found this to be suspicious. Police attended and upon speaking with the lone male occupant police noted a strong odour of marijuana. Upon further inspection of the vehicle police located a plastic bag containing a large amount of marijuana, cash and paraphernalia used for the selling of the drug. The male was arrested and transported to the Winkler Police Service. He has been charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime. He was later released on a Promise to Appear with an Undertaking.

July 25 – At approximately 1:45pm, police received a report of a male chasing after a female in the area of 2nd Street and Stanley Avenue. Police attended and spoke with the male, who stated that he was having an argument with his girlfriend and that she did not want to talk to him. During the conversation, police observed the male to be unsteady on his feet and had a strong odour of liquor on his breath. The male admitted to police that he was intoxicated. Police learned that the male is on a probation order to abstain from the consumption of alcohol or drugs. The male was subsequently placed under arrest, and a search of the male by police resulted in locating a quantity of marijuana. He was then transported to the Winkler Police Service and charged with Breach Probation. Police spoke with the male’s girlfriend, who confirmed that they had an argument earlier in the day. The male was later released with a Promise to Appear.

At approximately 4:15pm, police were called to a serious injury motor vehicle accident at the intersection of 1st Street and Roblin Boulevard. It was determined that a small red car traveling westbound on Roblin Boulevard proceeded to make a left turn onto 1st Street and while in the process of turning struck a scooter which was traveling eastbound along Roblin Boulevard through the intersection. The 75 year old male driver of the scooter was transported by ambulance to the Boundary Trails Health Centre, and was later transferred to the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. Winkler Police Service Traffic Analysts attended the scene in order to reconstruct the accident. This file is still under investigation.

Police received a report shortly after 11:00pm of two males who had climbed onto the roof of a church. Police attended and located two males on the roof who attempted to hide upon the arrival of police. Both males were found climbing down from the roof a short time later. After confirming there was no damage to the building, both youth males received warnings and were released to their parents, who were apprised of what happened.

July 26 – At 9:25pm, a resident of 6th Street reported a suspicious car parked on his driveway, and stated the driver of the vehicle had come to the front door. The caller stated that earlier in the day he received a phone call stating he had won a prize and it was going to be delivered to his house. The complainant believed this was a scam and did not open the door. Police attended and found that the vehicle was gone. The complainant was unable to provide a description of the vehicle or of the person who came to the door.
July 28 – At 1:00am, a report was received of extremely loud music coming from a vehicle at the Winkler Centennial Library parking lot. Police attended and spoke with the driver of the lone vehicle on the parking lot. The driver admitted to playing loud music. He was verbally cautioned for causing a disturbance, and agreed to leave the parking lot and return home for the night.

July 29 – Shortly before 2:00am, police were dispatched to Royal Crescent to assist a male who was laying on the boulevard and appeared to be in distress. Police arrived and located the male, who was found to be heavily intoxicated. The male was visibly sweating, had slurred speech, was not able to stand on his own, and was emanating an overwhelming odour of liquor. Police arrested the male under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act and transported him to the Winkler Police Service. Due to the male’s level of intoxication, police requested an ambulance attend and assess the male. Paramedics arrived and upon assessing the male, it was determined he was required to be transported to the Boundary Trails Health Centre. The male was subsequently assessed at the hospital, and released back to police. The male was lodged at the Winkler Police Service for the remainder of the night, and released the following morning once sober.

Police received a report at approximately 12:30pm of a dog inside a vehicle parked on the Southland Mall parking lot. The caller stated the dog appeared to be in distress. Police attended and as they were speaking with the complainant the driver of the vehicle emerged from one of the stores. The driver stated she was only in the store for five or 10 minutes. Police informed the driver that a small dog covered in fur can begin to show signs of medical distress after approximately five minutes. Police were satisfied in this instance that the dog was not in distress and that no offence had occurred.

At 10:35pm, police received a report of a female who was heavily intoxicated and passed out near the corner of 12th Street and Mountain Avenue. Police attended and located the female who was seated on the curb. Police found the female to be highly intoxicated as she was swaying back and forth while seated, had slurred speech, and her breath had an overwhelming odour of liquor. She was arrested under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act and was transported to the Winkler Police Service. The female was lodged and released once sober the following morning.

July 30 – Shortly before 7:30am, police received a report of a possible impaired driver who was driving along Main Street. The caller was unable to provide a license plate number, but stated the vehicle was driving all over the road. Police attended to the area but were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

Winkler Police Service

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