IIO BC Called to Kelowna to Investigate Officer Involved Shooting

Kelowna, BC – At approximately 12:30 today, August 3rd 2017, a Kelowna RCMP Officer was dispatched to assist a Kelowna City Bylaw Officer, in attending to a complaint of a homeless camp, on Duck Lake 7.

The officers engaged a male camper, who is alleged to have produced a knife, and approached the officers. Efforts were made to de-escalate the situation. Ultimately the Kelowna RCMP Officer was unable to resolve the situation and is alleged to have discharged their firearm, striking the male.

The male has been arrested and transported to a local area hospital, for treatment of serious injuries. Neither of the officers, nor any other members of the public have been injured.

The scene and any evidence have been secured while the Independent Investigation Office of BC have been notified and are deploying to the scene. IIO BC will assume conduct of this investigation as they work to determine if there is a connection to the actions of police and the injuries sustained by the male.

Any potential witnesses of this incident are asked to call the IIO BC at 1-855-446-8477.

Please note that all aspects and the circumstances of this incident will be subject of independent investigation and verification by the IIO BC. For information about IIO BC or media inquiries should be directed to IIO BC.

Police File # 2017-45384

Kelowna RCMP

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