“Late for Work” Going 175 km/hr in 60 Zone

London, Ontario – On August 14, 2017, at approximately 12:30 p.m , a member of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) — London Highway Safety Division (HSD) observed a motor vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed westbound on Manning Drive, City of London.

The red, Nissan Altima was measured to be travelling at 175 kilometers per hour (km/hr) in the clearly posted 60 km/hr zone.

A traffic stop was conducted, and as a result of the police investigation, 22-year-old female Angela J. DUNHAM from Belmont, ON, has been charged with race a motor vehicle, contrary to the Highway Traffic Act (HTA).

The vehicle was seized for seven (7) days, and the operators drivers licence was suspended for seven (7) days. The driver told the officer she was late for work.

“This is a clear example of what not to do. 175 km/hr is too fast regardless of the posted speed limit. A bump on the road would cause this driver to lose control with catastrophic consequences. Speeding and aggressive driving are one of the leading causes of injury and death on our roadways. Without a doubt, our officers prevented a tragedy today,” says Constable Max Gomez, Middlesex County OPP.

The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) Driver’s Handbook states: “The risk of a fatality or serious injury is almost five times greater for vehicles crashing at 50 kW; or more above the posted limit on a highway with a posted limit of 100 km/hr. The increase in risk is even greater on roads with lower posted limits. For example, on roads with a posted limit of 60 km/hr or less, the risk of a fatality or serious injury almost eight times greater for vehicles colliding at 50 km/hr or more above the posted limit.”


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