Moose Jaw Police Service Calls for Service August 13 – August 14, 2017

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan – 2017 August 13 to 2017 August 14 0700 hours to 0700 hours Total calls – 32

1015hrs – 2nd Av NE at Manitoba St E – Collision – 2 vehicles, no injuries, 1 tow, 2 tickets issued.

1208hrs – 300 blk High St W – Theft from Vehicle – Culprits caught on video stealing, SUI.

1421hrs – 0 blk Thatcher Dr W – Hit and Run – Plate obtained after vehicle backed into another. SUI

1633hrs – 1000 blk 12th Av SW – Abandoned Child – Toddler got away from caregiver while playing at the park. Parent located and child returned.

1704hrs – 1200 blk Main St N – Shoplifting – Chronic offender caught on camera. SUI for charges.

1752hrs – 1100 blk Stadacona St W – Mischief – Young children dialing 911 from home. All spoken to.

1937hrs – 100 blk Ominica St W – Theft – Bike stolen 3 weeks ago. Witness came forward and owner got the bike back, notified Police of culprit.

2049hrs – 100 blk Hochelaga St E – Recovered Stolen Property – Purse and wallet stolen from several nights before turned in after being found. SUI to return to owner.

2200hrs – 800 blk Duffield – Dogs at large – 2 dogs off leash. Assisted neighbor in returning dogs to owners. Public is reminded that all dogs must be secured at all times.

2211hrs – 11th Av NW at Grace St – Provincial Traffic Offence – Adult texting and driving nearly collided with pedestrians. Statement taken, SUI to issue ticket.

2328hrs – 900 blk Stadacona St W – Mischief – Unfounded, kids on skateboards enjoying the warm evening.

0255hrs – 800 blk Willow Av – Attempted Theft – Two adults noted tampering with vehicles. SUI.

0455hrs – Main St N at Athabasca St E – Flight from Police – Vehicle failed to stop for Police. SUI to review video.

Warrants – 1
Alarms – 2
City After Hours – 3

Moose Jaw Police Service

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