Mayerthorpe RCMP Respond to Collisions at Alberta Highway 43 and 22 Intersection

Mayerthorpe, Alberta – Mayerthorpe RCMP are urging drivers to use caution and follow the rules of the road when travelling through the intersection of Highway 43 and Highway 22 after emergency crews responded to two separate collisions in two days involving 6 vehicles. The collisions are still under investigation and fortunately only minor injuries to one passenger was reported.

The intersection of Highway 43 and Highway 22 is to be treated the same as any other intersection, with a meridian separating the travel lanes. RCMP are advising motorists not to stop in the middle of the intersection. Many motorists have been using the intersection incorrectly by travelling partly through the intersection and then yielding for vehicles on the other side who have a stop sign. This is incorrect.

Motorists who are travelling through the intersection have the right of way after stopping and proceeding when it’s safe to do so. If you are making a left hand turn at the intersection and another motorist is waiting at the other side at the stop sign you are advised to complete your turn and not to stop in the middle of the intersection. By doing this you are incorrectly yielding to another motorist who is at a stop sign and causing unnecessary congestion in the middle of the intersection.

Extra caution is urged with a reminder to motorists to come to a complete stop at the stop signs and proceed when safe to do so only when the intersection is clear.

All Albertans have a role to play in keeping our roads safe. Don’t rely solely on right of way travel and always be cognizant of other vehicles on our roadways.

Mayerthorpe RCMP

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