UPDATE: Winnipeg Police Officer Injured by Accidental Firearm Discharge

Winnipeg, Manitoba – On August 7, 2017, an officer with the Tactical Support Team had just completed a firearms training exercise in the southwest area of the city when he stopped at an establishment to get lunch in the 1100 block of Taylor Avenue.

Upon returning to his police vehicle, the officer opened the vehicle door and began to get into his seat while holding his meal. It was at this time that his holstered firearm spontaneously discharged causing a significant injury to his lower leg. An investigation has determined that the officer did not have his hand near his firearm when it fired.

The bullet entered his lower leg and severed three of his arteries, causing rapid and significant blood loss. The injured officer immediately applied a tactical tourniquet to his leg as his partner assisted with first-aid. Two other nearby members of the Tactical Support Team also attended and helped stabilize the injury.

The officer was transported to hospital where he remains.

The injured officer wishes to thank both the actions of his three colleagues and the tactical tourniquet for saving his life. He, along with his family, also wish to thank the public for their immense care, support, and thoughts as he recovers.

Members of the Tactical Support Team first began to carry tactical tourniquets in 2011. Their distribution was later expanded to the rest of Uniform Operation members in January 2017.

The Winnipeg Police Service has 10 noted deployments of the tactical tourniquet since their deployment; 1 in 2012, 3 in 2015, 2 in 2016 and 4 so far in 2017. During the majority of the incidents, hospital staff members have indicated that the tourniquets were critical in stabilizing patients and preventing further harm.

An investigation into the cause of the firearm discharge remains underway and no further information can be provided at this time regarding that examination.

Winnipeg Police Service

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