Camrose Police Stop Woman Driver Impaired by Drugs

Camrose, Alberta – Police received a call that a possible impaired driver was entering Camrose. The vehicle which was subject of the complaint was located on the west edge of the city and a traffic stop was conducted. Upon speaking to the 43 year old female, it was determined that she had not been consuming alcohol, but police formed the opinion that her ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired by drugs. A Drug Recognition Expert was notified and after a detailed examination of the female he confirmed that she was impaired by drugs.

A woman and her son were having an argument on Mount Pleasant Drive. Police attended to mediate the argument. A second complaint was received from the residence where the son was spoken to in regards to a noise complaint. He was given a verbal warning for the noise.

Police attended a business on a report that sometime during the weekend it had been broken into. Police have been able to secure evidence pertaining to the break and enter and are continuing the investigation.

Camrose Police Service

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