B.C. RCMP create task force in response to virtual kidnap incidents

Surrey, BC – A joint task force has been created to address and coordinate information about an ongoing fraudulent scheme targeting Chinese foreign nationals in the Lower Mainland.

In July 2017, a telecommunication fraud trend targeting Chinese foreign nationals emerged in the Lower Mainland. Numerous incidents were reported to police where intended victims reported being contacted by suspects claiming to be Chinese government officials. Victims were informed that they were implicated in crimes in China.

The suspects then coerced the victims into a series of actions, warning if they didn’t cooperate, their families in China would be harmed. Simultaneously, their families in China were contacted by the suspects who convinced them that their family members were being held against their will, which led to a demand for money.

In each case, the suspects falsely claimed to be Chinese government officials.

In response to these incidents, the Lower Mainland District RCMP and E Division Major Crime have created a task force to examine the issue of virtual kidnap that appear to be targeting Chinese foreign nationals in the Lower Mainland.

The task force’s mandate is to coordinate investigative information from various police agencies to further all investigations into the ongoing series of offences.

“While the methods used to target the victims may change over time, the way to protect yourself remains the same,” says S/Sgt. Annie Linteau, Senior Media Relations Officer. “Anyone who receives such a message or phone call should not comply with any demands, end the conversation and report the incident to police immediately.”

Senior leaders of the RCMP recently met representatives of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China to share concerns over recent incidents, inform them of investigative actions to date and discuss outreach strategies.

The Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver reminds the Chinese nationals in Canada, should anyone be involved in criminal investigation in China, the legal documents will be sent by formal written notice through Chinese Embassy in Ottawa or Consulates General in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. The above mentioned diplomatic or consular agencies will not contact criminal suspect by phone, nor will they ask for personal banking information. Those having received such fraud phone calls are encouraged to report to police at 911 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

We urge anyone who receives similar calls or messages to report the incident to their local police immediately. Anyone who has any information in relation to this ongoing series of offences is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).








卑诗省皇家骑警高级媒体关系官员Annie Linteau 总警长说:”虽然针对被害者的诈骗伎俩可能因时渐进,但保护自己的方法仍然不变。”任何人如果收到此类短信或电话,不要按照他们的要求去做,应立即停止通讯并马上报警提供相关情报。”



我们敦促任何接到此类电话或短讯的人立即联系当地警方报告案件,任何有此类案件资料的人请联系警方或拨打灭罪热线:1-800-222-TIPS (8477)。

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