Two Medicine Hat Residents Charged Following Illegal Dumping at Local Charity

Medicine Hat, Alberta – On August 18 and 23, 2017, images of two individuals were captured on camera as they were offloading goods outside of The Post, located at 410 South Railway Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB. The video surveillance allowed Bylaw officers to confirm the identity of the accused and both were charged with offences under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, and fined $115.

Unlawful dumping at charity bins throughout the city is an expensive problem that often results in local nonprofit organizations having to bear the cost of cleaning up the unwanted items. Often people are leaving items for charity with good intentions, however many items left behind are not of value or cannot be re-sold as they become exposed to the elements, vandalism and/or theft.

Many attempts have been made by the nonprofit organizations to limit the loss including restricting donation times to business hours, locking containers that are used for storage and most recently installing cameras as a way to deter people from illegal dumping practices. Signage at The Post very clearly states that leaving items on their property outside of business hours is strictly prohibited.

Items that are generally not accepted include; large appliances, refrigerators, beds, mattresses, baby cribs, car seats, TVs older than 2005, and items that are in overall poor shape or disrepair. For a more comprehensive list of the items that can and cannot be accepted visit,, and

The Post, located at 410 South Railway Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB. (Google)
The Post, located at 410 South Railway Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB. (Google)

If you wish to donate larger household items, please contact the charity directly to confirm and arrange pick up or drop off. Canadian Diabetes Association ph: 1-800-505-5525 (free pick up), or the Canadian Mental Health Association (The Post) ph: 403-504-1811 and The Salvation Army Thrift Store ph: 403-526-6822.

To report illegal dumping contact Municipal Bylaw Enforcement at 403-529-8481.

Medicine Hat Police Service

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