Police interrupt drug transaction, arrest two men from Amherst, Nova Scotia

Cumberland County, Nova Scotia – On September 14, members of the Cumberland County Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit (SCEU) were working on an unrelated investigation in the Amherst area when they observed what appeared to be a drug transaction that was taking place. As a result, of their observations, the Street Crime Unit, with assistance from Cumberland District RCMP and the Amherst Police Department, arrested two men from Amherst.

Quantities of MDMA (ecstasy), methamphetamine, cannabis marihuana, cannabis resin and cash were seized. The two men were released from custody later that day. They are scheduled to attend Amherst Provincial Court on October 30, 2017, and will be facing charges of Trafficking a Controlled Substance, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (4 counts), and Failing to Comply with a Court Order.

The investigation is ongoing.

Cumberland County Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit is comprised of members of Cumberland District RCMP and Amherst Police Department.

Nova Scotia RCMP

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