Significant seizure of cash and weapons on Highway 5 near Heffley Creek, BC

Heffley Creek, BC – On December 3, 2017 a Member of E Division Roving Traffic Unit (RTU) was on patrol on Highway 5 near Heffley Creek when he observed a vehicle with Alberta licence plates being operated in a manner which lead the Member to believe the driver of the vehicle may be impaired.

The Member conducted a traffic stop and found that the vehicle was occupied by two individuals, both of whom are well-known to police and neither were from the Heffley Creek area. Both individuals were arrested and the vehicle was subsequently searched at which time a significant amount of cash, several firearms and a small amount of narcotics were found.

Both the driver and passenger are being held in custody as the investigation continues given the significance of the seizure and potential severity of risk to the public. Several charges are being recommended against both individuals.

A primary mission of the “E” Division Traffic Services RTU and Specialty Police Dog Service (SPDS) is to interdict the flow of illicit drugs/guns/offence related monies/property via pro-active activities such as in this instance.

This is an excellent example of how the keen observations of the Roving Traffic Unit Member resulted in a significant seizure of cash and weapons and removed two individuals from the road in the ongoing effort to keep our communities safe.

File # 2017-5367 “E” Div Traffic RTU

E Division Traffic Services

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