Unfounded School Shooter Complaint in Chestermere

Chestermere, Alberta – On February 16, 2018 at approximately 11:15 a.m. school administration at Chestermere Lake Middle School (CLMS) reported a concern a student may be planning to engage in a school shooting. The Chestermere RCMP immediately responded and conducted a thorough investigation which revealed a student in another school reported overhearing a remark by a student of CLMS indicating they were going to carry out a school shooting. This disclosure was made to school administration who passed the information to CLMS administration. It has been confirmed the student who allegedly made the comment was not in possession and did not have access to firearms. More importantly the investigation conclusively determined the threat to conduct a school shooting was false and completely made up.

While the investigation is ongoing, a charge of Public Mischief will be pursued against the youth who falsely reported and accused another student of planning to carry out a school shooting. False allegations of this nature are treated seriously given the resources committed to these types of situations and the potential for large scale panic to ensue.

“The Chestermere RCMP would like to stress all complaints involving school violence are treated with extreme seriousness and are met with an immediate response,” says Staff Sergeant Mark Wielgosz, Chestermere RCMP detachment commander. “False reports of such events are not a joke and can lead to criminal consequences as was the case today.”

Chestermere RCMP

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