Manitoba RCMP purchase first left-handed handcuffs in Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba – The Manitoba RCMP announced today the purchase of left-handed handcuffs for every front line officer within the province. Each officer will now be required to carry two pairs of handcuffs to accommodate left-handed individuals who get arrested.

“This has been a long-standing issue and we are proud that we are the first police force in Canada to mandate the carrying of left-handed handcuffs for our officers” said Sgt. Jerome Gaucher of the Manitoba RCMP. “Right-handed cuffs were causing a lot of discomfort to left-handed people, so this is a very positive and proactive step.”

A specialist within the RCMP’s Tactical Ergonomic Kit Assessment Unit redesigned the standard right-handed handcuffs by moving the location of the single strand rivet, lock housing and key hole.

“I am left-handed and through my work, I knew how uncomfortable the right-handed cuffs were for left-handed people” said Cpl. Janice Linke of the RCMP’s TEKA Unit. “Once we moved the pieces around a little, and through a lot of group testing, we finally found a solution.”


The first left-handed cuffs are expected to be distributed later this month. People are asked to self-identify as left-handed when being arrested to receive the appropriate handcuffs.

Manitoba RCMP

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