RCMP Investigate Clyde River Drowning

Clyde River, Nunavut – On Monday April 9, 2018 just after 9:30 pm, five men from Clyde River were out polar bear hunting about 65 Km South East of Clyde River when one man fell through the ice and did not re-surface near the flow edge. A second man also went through the ice but was pulled out. This was relayed by the hunting party via a VHF radio they had.

A five person rescue party went to the area where this happened and returned to Clyde River with the second man that fell into the water. The remaining hunting party stayed in the area.

A Search and Rescue team was scheduled to go to the area where this happed Tuesday morning at first light to search for the missing hunter with the remaining hunting party.

The hunting party were not carrying GPS or SPOT devices.

As this is still an on-going search, the name of the missing hunter will not be released until Search and Rescue has made a determiniation.

Nunavut RCMP

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