Secure the Building Enacted & Lifted at Four Regina Schools

Regina, Saskatchewan – Charges are pending after an investigation into social media messaging that placed four Regina schools into Secure the Building protocols today: Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

At approximately 11:20 a.m. on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, police were dispatched to Regina schools in the north part of the city. The dispatch was prompted by social media messaging that contained a potential threat. As a precaution, four schools were placed in Secure the Building mode: Archbishop M.C. O’Neill, Thom Collegiate, St. Peter and Laval school. All schools in Regina train for, and understand, this protocol.

By definition: Secure the Building is a situation where it is believed a threat is currently outside the building resulting in the decision to secure the school whereby all outside doors will be locked to secure the building. Each exterior door is to be monitored by designated school staff until Secure the Building mode has been lifted. Entry and exit of the building will be at the front doors only and are to be monitored by police and school administration. Regular interior school activities continue in a controlled manner.

There were several police units in the area and investigation into this event led to identification of a viable suspect. That individual has been arrested, but the investigation is not yet complete.

It is expected there will be charges resulting from this investigation; however, those details are not available at this time. The Regina Police Service thanks the schools and area residents for their calm, cooperation and patience.

Regina Police Service

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