Camrose Police Service Report to August 9, 2018

Camrose, Alberta – August 9, 2018 – Police attended a residence after receiving a 911 call from a female claiming that she had been assaulted. It was determined no assault had occurred and that a male and female were having a verbal argument. While at the residence Police located and seized seven firearms as the owner did not have a license.

An apartment manager reported that a white bench had been stolen from the entrance of the building. Police are reviewing video surveillance of the theft.

A female advised that she cashed a cheque for a male acquaintance and now believes that it may have been fraudulent. The female deposited the $1000 cheque into her account and then withdrew the money and gave the male the cash. Police are investigating.

August 8, 2018

A local business reported that a fraudulent credit card was used on four occasions to purchase around $11,000.00 in property. Police continue to investigate.

Police responded to a complaint of a 48 year old female trespassing at a property on Mount Pleasant Dr. The female was located and was issued a ticket for trespassing on private property.

August 7, 2018

A local business contacted Police when a female and two males came into the store attempting to return merchandise without any receipts. Police attended and all three individuals were prolific property offenders from Edmonton who had stolen approximately $2000 worth of household items from another store and were now trying to return the items to receive cash or gift cards. All three individuals were arrested and charged with several counts of possession of stolen property, fraud and breach charges. The two men were released on a promise to appear. The involved female had several outstanding warrants for theft and possession of stolen property and is in custody.

BVJ Wrap-Up

From a policing perspective the 26th annual Big Valley Jamboree (BVJ) was a success. Given the volume of people attending this four day festival, the number of incidents involving criminal activity was low.

This year, 25 people were arrested for a variety of offences as compared to 46 arrests in 2017. This total includes people who were arrested for violations of the Criminal Code, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act as well as those arrested on outstanding warrants.

There were a total of 18 Criminal Code charges laid in 2018 as compared to 32 in 2017. There were 9 people charged with those 18 Criminal Code offences. One person was charged with impaired driving, three people were charged for assaults against police officers, one person was charged with assault, one male was charged with sexual assault, one person was charged for possessing a prohibited weapon (brass knuckles), one male was charged with assault with a weapon and one man for breaching his release conditions.

In 2018 there were 14 individuals arrested for public intoxication under the Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Act. This number is down from 25 in 2017. Of the 14 people arrested, 11 were arrested by police because they simply were lost and could not find their way back to their campsites. These people were not charged but simply held in custody and released when they were sober enough to safely find their way home. The other three were those who clearly stood apart from other patrons by either causing a disturbance or other issues with patrons or staff.

Violation tickets under either the Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Act, Traffic Safety Act or under City of Camrose Bylaws were similar in volume to those issued the previous year. In 2017 there were 140 violation tickets issued as compared to 159 this year. Offences range from driving without a license, vehicle equipment violations, open liquor in a vehicle or non-designated area, public urination or fighting in public. Those who were contravening such laws were issued a violation ticket with a voluntary payment option.

It is often overlooked during BVJ weekend that the Camrose Police Service continues with its responsibilities within the city of Camrose. Each year members of the police service are assigned to the city and remain dedicated to the needs of Camrose. This year officers working in the city were kept busy. In addition to the regular volume of calls for service, police were involved in investigating a credit card fraud resulting in 22 charges, as well as a counterfeiting complaint which resulted in two people being arrested for passing counterfeit currency. Both situations involved criminals who have been active in other jurisdictions in the province.

The Camrose Police Service considers it an honor to police the Big Valley Jamboree. This year we were fortunate to once again partner with the Calgary Police Service, Medicine Hat Police Service, Lethbridge Police Service, and Alberta Sheriffs. The officers working at BVJ, as well as those working in the city, performed their duties in a respectful, professional manner. We have received many positive comments regarding their interactions with the public during the August long-weekend. We thank everyone who came out to enjoy the music and atmosphere. We also thank our partners, as well as the promoters and volunteers involved in this year’s event. We congratulate you on another successful BVJ!

August 6, 2018

A convenience store contacted Police advising that a male and female had made a purchase with a counterfeit $20 bill. Police conducted checks at another nearby convenience store and discovered that the same couple had just left after purchasing cigarettes with a counterfeit $20. Police located the couple at McDonald’s restaurant and they were both arrested. During the arrest Police found that the female was in possession of nine additional counterfeit $20 bills. A 27 year old female from Edmonton received a total of nine charges which included possession of counterfeit, uttering counterfeit, proceeds of crime and breaching her conditions. A 33 year old male also from Edmonton was charged with possession of counterfeit, proceeds of crime and breaching his conditions. The male also had 10 outstanding warrants out of Edmonton. Both are in custody waiting on a bail hearing.

At 3:15 AM Police attended to an apartment building after receiving a report of a fire. There were no visible flames but lots of smoke filling the hallways. The building was evacuated and the fire department determined that there had been a fire in the laundry room but had been extinguished prior to emergency services arrival. The fire department used fans to clear out the smoke. The fire is suspicious in nature and may have been caused by someone discarding a cigarette into a garbage container.

Members responded to a large fight at the BVJ campground. Three males were arrested and charged under the Camrose Fighting Bylaw. All were transported to cells and released when sober.

An 18 year old male was caught urinating around patrons at a licensed premises at BVJ. The male was arrested for Public Intoxication and while being handcuffed he assaulted a police officer. The male was charged with assaulting a police officer, public intoxication and urinating in public under the bylaw.

Two males were arrested for public intoxication after they were caught attempting to start fights in the BVJ campground.

A 22 year old male was yelling at patrons inside of the BVJ campground and was confronted to go back to his campsite. The male brandished a knife and was waving it at campers. The knife was taken away from the male and he was restrained until police arrived. The male was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public.

August 5, 2018

Police are investigating a break & enter to a building under construction. A component of the security system was stolen but none of the construction tools or equipment were taken.

A vehicle was stopped when it was observed exceeding the speed limit. The male driver had warrants out of Edmonton and during his arrest Police located a quantity of marihuana and has oil. The male was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Another vehicle was stopped for exceeding the speed limit. It was determined that the vehicle was not insured. The male driver was charged with speeding and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

A 19 year old male was arrested at BVJ after he was located causing problems inside of the campground. The male was lodged until he was sober.

Police pulled over an 18 year old male at BVJ for a traffic violation. The male was given a 7 day AZAT suspension after providing a sample into a roadside screening device.

Staff at a licensed premise at BVJ advised of a male that was attempting to enter the business after being told he was not permitted to enter. The male was arrested and noted to be wearing a fake wristband. The male was given a violation ticket and lodged until he was sober.

A 44 year old male was arrested for public intoxication after causing problems inside of the BVJ saloon. The male was lodged until sober.

A traffic stop was conducted at the BVJ site and a 19 year old male was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. The search of the vehicle located two pairs of brass knuckles. The male was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of cannabis marihuana.

Police were alerted that BVJ staff needed assistance with an intoxicated male. Police attended and arrested a 29 year old male for public intoxication. During the arrest the male assaulted a police officer. The male was lodged and later released to appear in court.

BVJ Security contacted police advising of an intoxicated male in the campground that didn’t have a wristband. A 19 year old male was located and arrested. The male was issued a violation ticket and lodged into cells until sober.

August 4, 2018

Police were advised by two downtown businesses of a female who made credit card purchases by manually entering the card number. Police were provided with a description of the female and she was located inside another store. While Police were looking for the female the victim of the credit card theft contacted Police indicating that his and his wife’s cards were being used in Camrose. The female was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property and fraud. The 24 year old also had eleven outstanding warrants from Edmonton for similar occurrences.

A 23 year old male was arrested for public intoxication after causing problems inside of the concert bowl at BVJ. While police were dealing with the male his brother attempted to intervene and was arrested for public intoxication.

Police attended to a complaint of an assault in the BVJ campground. A 36 year old male was located, arrested and charged with assault and uttering threats. Checks on the male determined he also had warrants for his arrest out of Calgary, Alberta. He was transported to the police service to await a judicial interim release hearing.

A 27 year old male was arrested after causing problems inside of a liquor establishment at the BVJ site. A search of the male located a small amount of cocaine. The male was charged with possession of a controlled substance and public intoxication.

Police arrested a 23 year old male for public intoxication after he was located passed out in a closed section of BVJ.

August 3, 2018

For the second time the power pole at the intersection of 50 street and 47 avenue was struck by a semi-truck that was conducting a right turn. The intersection was closed for 7.5 hours to repair the damage.

Two youth were apprehended by staff at a west end store when they were caught shoplifting headphones and an iPhone cord. Parents were contacted and the youth were issued warnings and trespass notices.

Police responded to a complaint of the sound of glass breaking and a female crying. Police attended a residence and determined that a 24 year old female returned home from BVJ and didn’t have her keys. The female kicked in her own basement window causing a foot injury.

Eyes on Camrose. Police were contacted when a witness observed a male and female who were looking into vehicles in the area of 43 street in the 5200 block. Police conducted patrols and located a female who had a curfew condition. During her arrest Police did not find any stolen property but did locate a cell phone on her person contrary to her conditions. The 33 year old was charged with a total of three counts of breaching conditions of her recognizance.

During a routine traffic stop at the BVJ campground a 30 year old woman was given a three day suspension after providing a caution on the roadside screening device. Police dealt with a 30 year old passenger who was refusing to cooperate with police. The intoxicated man was arrested for assaulting a police officer and lodged into cells. The man was later released to appear in court.

A 52 year old male was arrested at the BVJ site after he confronted an employee inside of the beer gardens. The male was issued two violation tickets under the Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Act.

Police arrested an intoxicated 32 year old male that was causing problems inside of a liquor establishment at the BVJ site. The man was lodged into cells until he was sober. He was issued with two violation tickets.

A female reported that someone had entered her unlocked holiday trailer at the BVJ campground and stole her purse which contained her driver’s license and $1500 cash.

August 2, 2018

Fraud alert. A senior reported that he was approached in the Cornerstone parking lot by another male who handed him a $20 bill stating “here sir, you dropped this”. The senior accepted the money and while putting it in his wallet the suspect reached over to advise him where he should place the money. While doing so the suspect stole the senior’s debit card. Before the senior realized his bank card was missing the suspect used it to make account withdrawals and purchases in excess of $5000. It is believed the suspect watched the senior enter his pin number while making a debit purchase in the store before he approached him with the “found money” in the parking lot. Police are investigating.

An unlocked motor home was entered overnight while parked on 44 ave in the 5900 block. Various items were stolen including a computer power cord, keys, tools, CD player and vehicle documents.

Police responded to a 911 call of a possible drug overdose. Police found a 34 year old unresponsive male who was not breathing. The male who had been using illicit drugs was administered Narcan and the male began breathing on his own. The male was transferred to St. Mary’s hospital.

Staff at a west-end business reported a theft in progress at Superstore. Police attended and the male was arrested when a pair of headphones was located concealed in his clothing. The male was charged with theft, possession of stolen property and breaching conditions of his probation order.

August 1, 2018

Lock it or Lose it! Police received five reports from separate individuals who advised that their unlocked garages and vehicles were entered overnight. Items stolen included a wallet, insurance documents, money and glasses. The thefts all occurred in the area of 67 street and 45 avenue.

Eyes on Camrose! Police then received a sixth report in the same area from a resident who had video surveillance of someone tampering with his vehicle. Police reviewed the video which showed a male pull on the door handle of his locked truck and then simply walk away. Police were able to identify the male and he was later located, arrested and charged with break & enter to commit theft, two counts of tampering with a motor vehicle and two counts of failing to comply with his conditions. The 18 year old was remanded into custody and is to appear in Camrose court.

Police conducted a checkstop in Camrose and the third vehicle which came through was operated by a 55 year old male who displayed signs of alcohol consumption. The male provided a sample of his breath into a roadside device resulting in a fail reading. The male was transported to Police headquarters where he refused to provide sufficient samples of his breath into an evidentiary instrument. The male was charged with impaired driving and refusal.

Camrose Police Service

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